Bernheim Post-doctoral Fellowships in Social Responsibility in Economic Life, UCL, 29/02

Thanks to the continued support of the Emile Bernheim Foundation, and as part of the project « Social Responsibility in Economic Life », one Bernheim Post-Doctoral Fellowship will be awarded to scholars to do research on Social Responsibility in Economic Life at Louvain’s Hoover Chair of Economic and Social Ethics. The Fellowship amounts to approximately EUR 2200 per month (plus social security contributions) for a duration of up to four months. While the planned stay could take place at any time during the academic year 2016-2017, we are especially keen on people interested in coming in 2016.
Projects from a whole array of disciplines are eligible: philosophy, economics, social history, anthropology, law, management,… Each project should include the statement of a clear question, preferably with a normative dimension. The kind of topics envisaged can be found here:

Candidates to the Bernheim Post-Doctoral Fellowship should hold a doctorate or possess equivalent qualifications and be active in the field of social responsibility in economic life. They must have no professional income from other sources in the period concerned. At least some rudiments of French and an active knowledge of either English or French are required.
* Applications must reach Thérèse Davio by e-mail (therese.davio[at] no later than February 29, 2016

They must include
1. As a title « Bernheim Post-Doctoral Fellowship + applicant name »
2. A letter (in French or English) stating briefly
– your current research interests, and in particular your research question
– your linguistic abilities;
– for the post-doc, your preferences as to the length and timing of your stay (between September and May);
– the names, institutions, positions and e-mail addresses of at least two referees to whom a reference letter could be asked if we find it necessary;
3. A detailed Curriculum Vitae.
4. For the Doctoral Fellowship Candidates, they should also name a person from the civil society willing to act as a non-academic advisor during their research.
Short-listed candidates will be interviewed through skype during the first half of March
The selection committee includes: Profs Valérie Swaen, Sandrine Blanc, Philippe Van Parijs and Axel Gosseries
Questions of substance and scope regarding the Fellowship may be sent to Prof. Axel Gosseries (axel.gosseries[at]
Administrative questions should be directed to Thérèse Davio (therese.davio[at]
E-mails regarding the Fellowship should always mention « Bernheim Post-Doc Fellowship » in their title

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