Max Cresswell and Adriane Rini, Lectures related to A. N. Prior, 22/09, VUB

« The Center for Logic and Philosophy of Science is happy to announce that, on Thursday 22 September 2016, Max Cresswell and Adriane Rini will be our guests and will present two lectures related to (the work of) A. N. Prior :

Max Cresswell : « Semantics before Montague: The Case of A.N. Prior » (abstract below)

Adriane Rini : « A.N. Prior before he met formal logic »

The event will take place at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, campus Etterbeek, room 5C402 (i.e. room 403 on the fifth floor of building C), from 2 to 4 p.m. Indications on how to get to the campus can be found at :

Abstract of Max Cresswell’s talk :

A. N. Prior was a logician during the heyday of « ordinary language philosophy ». Yet in may ways his view of semantics was very different from that assumed in the model-theoretic accounts which have become influential since the work of Richard Montague. In this talk I will look principally at Prior’s book Objects of Thought, in which he sets out his views on the semantics of propositional attitude sentences, and I will concentrate on what appears to be a lack of recognition of the importance of compositionality to a theory of meaning. »


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