Chaire Hoover, Books in Progress Workshop « Just Enough: Sufficiency as a Demand of Social Justice » (Liam Shields), 02/12, UCL

Twice a year, the Hoover Chair organizes a workshop in Louvain-la-Neuve on a forthcoming book in the field of ethics or political theory. Several scholars are gathered to meet the author and discuss the various chapters of the book in progress.

Next event : 2 December 2016 : Just Enough: Sufficiency as a Demand of Social Justice, by Liam Shields. From 10 am to 5 pm. Louvain-la-Neuve (Room Dupriez 011. Place Montesquieu 3)


10am: Welcoming the participants
10.30: Introduction by Axel Gosseries and presentation of the book by Liam Shields
11: Politics and Distributive Justice – Pierre-Etienne Vandamme
11.15: Reply by the author
11.20: Collective discussion
11.30: What is Sufficientarianism? – Lasse Nielsen
11.45: Reply
11.50: Collective discussion
12: Coffee break
12.30: The Principle of Sufficient Autonomy – Chris Mills
12.45: Reply
12.50: Collective discussion
13: Lunch break
14.30: Sufficiency and Education – Danielle Zwarthoed
14.45: Reply
14.50: Collective discussion
15: A Good Enough Upbringing – Anca Gheaus and Tim Meijers
15.15: Reply
15.20: Collective discussion
15.30: Sufficiency and Global Justice – David Axelsen and Siba Harb
15.45: Reply
15.50: Collective discussion
16: General discussion
16.30: Concluding remarks (Axel Gosseries)

With the financial support of the University of Manchester’s School of Social Sciences.


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