Call for papers, « The phenomenology of space » (The 10th Annual Meeting of the Society for Phenomenological Philosophy)

19 septembre 2016

« The 10th Annual Meeting of the Society for Phenomenological Philosophy will be held on Friday 28th and Saturday 29th of October at the Department of Architecture of KU Leuven, Campus Sint-Lucas, Brussels.

Central theme of this meeting is the phenomenology of space. Confirmed keynote speakers are Prof. Jonathan Hale (University of Nottingham, UK) and Prof. James Dodd (New School, NY).

The annual meeting will involve ten parallel sessions that present ongoing research in the area. Four of these sessions will be dedicated to research that specifically focuses on « spatiality » while the remaining six are thematically unspecified. Papers are welcome in either English or Dutch. The sessions will last one hour (30 minutes presentation/30 minutes discussion).

Those who wish to take part should send an abstract to the organizers of the meeting (c.bremmers[at] before Monday 26th of September, 2016. Abstracts should be no more than 500 words; please include the words « Abstract 2016 » in the subject field of the email. Decisions will be communicated by October 3rd. Speakers must be members of the society or become such in order to participate. (; contact for membership: g.vanderheiden[at]

Chris Bremmers
Arnaud Hendrickx
Filip Mattens »


Colloque « Space, Imagination, and the Cosmos, from Antiquity to the Early Modern Period », 9-10/06, Nijmegen

19 mai 2016

« Chers collègues,

Vous trouverez ci-dessous le programme du colloque « Space, Imagination, and the Cosmos, from Antiquity to the Early Modern Period » qui se tiendra à l’Université Radboud de Nimègue les 9 et 10 juin prochains.


Delphine Bellis »


9 June, Morning Session: Ancient Theories of Space and the Cosmos: Competing Representations of the World

9.30-9.45: Welcome and introduction
9.45-10.35: Keimpe Algra (Utrecht University), « Problems in Aristotle’s Theory of Place and Its Reception in Later Antiquity »

10.35-10.50: Coffee break
10.50-11.40: Frederik Bakker (Radboud University), « Beyond Infinity: Epicurus’ Ulterior Motives for Postulating Infinite Space »
11.40-12.30: Christoph Helmig (Cologne University), « Space and Metaspace. Simplicius’ Views on Topos »

12:30-13:45: Lunch break

9 June, Afternoon Session: Rethinking Space in a Finite Cosmos: The Medieval Period

13:50-14:40: Aurélien Robert (CNRS, Tours), « Space, Imagination and Numbers from Robert Grosseteste to John Wyclif »
14.40-15.30: William Duba (Radboud University), « Mathematical and Metaphysical Space in the Early Fourteenth Century »

15:30-15.50: Coffee break

15:50-16:40: Tiziana Suarez-Nani (Fribourg University), « Lieu, espace et mouvement dans la pensée médiévale: la contribution de l’angélologie »

10 June, Morning Session: Early Modern Developments in Cosmology and their Impact on the Concept of Space

9.45-10.35: Miguel Angel Granada (University of Barcelona), « Giordano Bruno’s Concept of Space: Cosmological and Theological Aspects »

10.35-10.50: Coffee break

10.50-11.40: Olivier Ribordy (Fribourg University), « Francisco Suárez : questionnements métaphysiques sur le lieu et l’espace »
11.40-12.30: Isabelle Pantin (ENS Paris), « Libert Froidmont’s Conception and Imagination of Space in Three Early Works: Peregrinatio cœlestis (1616), De cometa (1618), Meteorologica (1627) »

12:30-13:45: Lunch break

10 June, Afternoon Session: Continuity and Innovation in Conceptions of Space and the Cosmos in the 17th Century

13:50-14:40: Natacha Fabbri (Institute for the History of Science, Florence), « Questioning Fludd, Kepler and Galileo: Mersenne’s Harmonious Universe »
14.40-15.30: Delphine Bellis (Radboud University), « Imaginary Spaces and Cosmological Issues in Gassendi’s Philosophy »

15:30-15.50: Coffee break

15:50-16:40: Carla Rita Palmerino (Radboud University), « Exploring the world boundaries: Medieval themes in the Leibniz-Clarke Correspondence »

16.40-17:00: Concluding remarks


Organizers: Frederik Bakker, Delphine Bellis, Carla Rita Palmerino

Location: Marijnenkamer, Huyze Heyendael, Geert Grooteplein-Noord 9, Nijmegen

Vous pouvez assister au colloque gratuitement, mais il vous est demandé de vous inscrire avant le 30 mai en envoyant un courrier électronique aux adresses suivantes: f.bakker[at], d.bellis[at], c.palmerino[at] Le nombre de places étant limité, la possibilité d’assister au colloque reposera sur l’ordre d’arrivée des demandes d’inscription.

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